Friday, August 19, 2011

Beastie boy no longer



I'm not the world's greatest Schnauzer groomer, but it's nice having a clipped dog. If you think that Giant Schnauzers don't shed you are welcome to come sweep my floors when he's shaggy! Most of the hair isn't from Lexis unless she's blowing coat.


Green Mountain Realty said...

How cute

dinsdaledogs said...

Yep and check out my place if you want to see 'Standard' Schnauzer hair everywhere from my non-shedding dogs. My Blacks shed like crazy and the Pepper & Salts with the best coats leave it all over the place.

Schnauzers don't shed, we (breeders/owners) call it 'dropping coat' and they drop it constantly, not just once or twice a year :-)