Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mmmm... I love turtles!

We literally stumbled upon this painted turtle trapped between the railway tracks.

Asking the dogs to sit I got out my camera for the photo-op. Trying desperately to get away from us he was having a little turtle panic attack. Those legs could move faster than you would expect.

He found his entrance hole under the tracks but got stuck trying to get through. Giving him a push I watched as he scrambled out of sight through the weeds and towards the lake - away from us.

Lexis was intent on my every move... oh who am I kidding? She was obsessing over the turtle, longing for a snack that was both chewy and crunchy. Not on my watch girl!

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Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I'm glad you helped the little guy get to the lake...without being a snack. We helped one cross the road just the other day.