Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kamikaze ways

Man-oh-man. Bullet's kamikaze ways are rubbing off on Lexis.

There is a trail near my house that I haven't taken in a few years. It was fenced off, causing the kids (and possibly adults) to immediately cut an access hole through it. The owner retaliated with barbed wire and solid metal plates.

Curious to see how this fence had stood the test of time, I wandered over with Lex. Nearing it I found the barrier standing strong, but I noticed a side trail around the fenced yard. Good thing too. At the end of the main trail was a cement wall. Lexis took one look down and launched herself off of it. Yikes!

I would have asked her to try a running climb back up, but with the rusty wire poking out it wasn't worth the risk. As a last resort I could jump too... a very last resort.

Telling Lex to wait, I ran back to the side trail and around the compound. Lex was sitting and waiting patiently for me when I came around, good girl!

And we continued on our merry way, my curiosity appeased. Good thing it didn't kill the dog.

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