Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Training Lex to run with my bike

Lexis has been going through her third heat (for my record) so she was spending more that her usual amount of time in her crate. The perfect opportunity to introduce her to my bike and let her stretch her legs.

Hooking her up to my Springer bike attachment we walked to the end of the driveway. No problems with any sort of spookiness (not that I thought there would be), so I hopped on and we headed towards the river trail.

Down the first street she kept anticipating where we were going and started pulling towards the sidewalk. I ignored this and kept moving forward and she settled in nicely beside the bike.

One block away we rode through a grassy field where she started to obsess over my front tire. I watched carefully, ready to act if she decided to slam into the side of my bike or bite the tire, but I kept right on going and let it play out.

Reaching out her head she decided to 'test poke' the tire. The friction of the rubber burning her nose was unpleasant enough to end that obsession.

Two blocks was all it took for Lexis to become like an old pro. So easy, so quick. And she loves it!

Dogs love to run.

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