Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Going into the protection routine, all I wanted was to "not fail". How's that for setting your bar high?

The weather had cleared nicely by this time. The sun came out and the water was drying up.

Bullet has never run 6 blinds in his life. We've been training on a field with 3 blinds and playing a lot of the shell game. This was to be a test, would he run them?

The judge did not have us report in, and I could walk him calmly to the end of the field and set him up.

Blind #1, yes!
Blind #2, yes!
Blind #3, yes!
Blind #4, peeked in, started to think about going straight to #6 so I called him, he came, yes!
Blind #5, yes!
Blind #6, woohoo!!!!

Call out of the blind, good.

Set up for the escape, sloppy but ok.

Escape, nice speed and catch... then he tripped Anthony up and they hit the ground and did a complete roll-over. Bullet was UPSIDE DOWN but not letting go of the sleeve.

Photos by Susan St. George, thanks Susan!

Oh-no. Was Bullet ok? Was Anthony ok?

They both held on and Anthony recovered quickly. I yelled my out command, knowing I'd have an issue. Bullet was pumped.

He didn't out.

I was screaming at him in my head and found myself punching the blind as I yelled my second out command. Slowly but surely he listened this time.

Control issues would be a good way to describe the rest of the routine.

Back transport, sloppy, he wanted Anthony and forged a lot.

Side transport, passable.

When I asked Bullet to heel away from Anthony for the long bite he left my side and sat in front of Anthony. I not only said his name with another heel command, I touched his head. After that he heeled nicely down field. Courage test was good, and he outed on one command and again after the reattack.

One last side transport and we were done!!!

I knew it was a pass, we had done it, and my dog was still in one piece. 90 out of 100.

Bullet passed his SchH3 in Bullet style.


Lindsay said...

Congratulations!! Very cool with the pictures!

Christine said...

Congrats and good job!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Way to Go, Tracy and Bullet! I enjoyed the pics of Bullet and the competition.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

WOOOOT!! Way to go! Excellent pics too. Good boy, Bully! ^5 Tracy!!

Let's get together again soon! A BBQ here sounds like a good idea to me. Ian's still off Sun-Tues so check schedules and let me know?

Wes said...

Congrats, very good job Tracey and Bullet. I really like the blog!!