Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chiropractor & What's next with Bullet?

Bullet visited a chiropractor tonight. With the speed he lives his life, and the number of crashes he's taken along the way with the bodily stresses of Schutzhund I had no idea what to expect. What exactly would she feel?

Turns out he's not bad at all. A little stiff in the middle of his back, a small adjustment to his neck but overall he's in good shape. I keep him active, he's lean and muscular which I'm sure helps. He's scheduled for another appointment next week and then I'll see where he's at.

Bullet is still favoring a back leg, it's subtle but there. That means no training until he's better, the timing of that will determine what's next.

Bullet and I can do so much better than we showed at the Regionals. I was hoping to retire him from Schutzhund and focus on Lexis but really want to improve our scores. The GSSCC National is in Niagara Falls this year... sooooo close to home. Bullet is 6. It's now or never.

So yeah. It's a possibility. We'll see.


Plantation Chiropractors said...

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Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I hope Bullet will be okay and heal up in time for the big event. Good luck. I didn't realize there were canine chiropractors. Cool.

Reno Chiropractor said...

a few more visit with a chiropractor and he'll be fine... :D