Friday, April 01, 2011

Overcoming your obstacles and facing your flaws.

An impeccable recall is one of THE most important things you can teach a dog.

My dogs have what I would call pretty damn good to excellent recalls. They are explosive and fast. I can call them out of a rough & tumble doggy wrestling session with one word. Lex has turned mid stride in the middle of chasing a squirrel on my "Here!". When I first release them on a walk they turn into frantic beasts, tearing down the trail and screaming to the world that they are alive – it took some practice but I can call them back when they are in this state of mind.

So I signed up for Susan Garrett's 5 Minute Formula for a Brilliant Recall.


It's simple. There is so much more to the perfect recall than the "come". The flip-side is teaching the dog self control. Through games this is covered in Susan Garrett's course.

I'm really good at creating 'drive'- speed, power, energy. I'm also super-duper fantastic at teaching my dogs to fidget, forge, creep, whine, bark, push... and this must end. Like now.

These self control issues limit what I can accomplish with my dogs and until I tackle this challenge head-on I will forever be less of a trainer. This course is pointing out holes in my training and giving me the motivation to face my flaws and overcome my obstacles.

Let the games begin!


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I hope you'll share your experiences with your followers! I just came from your section with your drawings. Tracy, you are a very talented girl! I'm so happy I found your blog and I will recommend you to anyone who may want a personal drawing of their dog. You do a great job. I love your dogs.

Urban canines said...

Another vote to hear an update on how you enjoy the course. I took last years recaller course and throughly enjoyed it.

Urban canines said...

P.s. Regarding the pat hastings seminar, I would recommend it. The price was good and her books and some other anatomy books were for sale at a nice discount. I disagreed with her opinions on nutrition(she does work for purina and believes in their dog food and other large company dog foods. She believes the large companies put the money into research and health testing and are able to leverage the best raw ingredients due to their size therefore it is a quality product) and dewclaw removal(she is pro removal), but everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

K9-CRAZY said...

Thanks Karen, your blog is in my reader too, I like the posts you do on health, etc, but I also like posts on your dogs :)

Urban Canines, I first saw Susan Garrett speak at a PABA seminar in 2001 at the U of G. I bought Ruff Love that day and still refer to it 10 years later. Even though I don't do agility, if I had the money I'd go to her camps. (But they are way out of my budget, the recallers course made me gulp.) When times are good again I may just spring for a camp, maybe when I get a new puppy a million years from now.

Have you ever been to any of her camps?

Christine said...

I thought hard about signing up for that course--it looks like it will be really good.

I really admire her for the excellent, disciplined training in drive that she does. A very smart trainer who understand her dogs very well!

Urban canines said...

Sorry for delay in responding. Finally back on the laptop computer.

I have never attended a Susan Garrett camp but I would love to. A friend has attended several and she raves about it. I love using the Crate Games and It's Yer Choice games and I think we would benefit from the camp. But the $ and time required is an obstacle.

I bought the Ruff Love book in an order I placed to order a few Schutzhund books from an online source. Still working through the Schutzhund books and have not started SG's book but looking forward to it.