Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A totally unexpected fantastic surprise!

I've had a Geocaching Travel Bug in my possession for way to long, it was time to get it back out into circulation. Since I have been busy I decided to drop it in a cache I found a while ago on a local trail.

Nearing the remembered geocache zone my phone buzzed. Stopping on the main trail to read the text Lexis milled around. While focusing on the phone my dog left my sight. Glancing up I saw her on the other side of a tree... indicating the cache!

This was a totally unexpected fantastic surprise because:

- I hadn't asked for her to search, I wasn't even sure I had the right area of the forest.
- She hasn't had much training.
- She hasn't been caching (where I've asked her to participate) in a while.
- I had no intention of asking her to look and don't think I had given her any indication of why we were there (consciously or subconsciously) as I was immersed in my phone.

The cache had been found earlier that day and there were footprints leading up to it and fresh scent on the cache itself.

She smelled that trail, made the decision to follow it and indicated ALL ON HER OWN.

Wow. Things like this don't happen everyday. I put my phone away and as the Germans would say, we made a party!

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