Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I HEART Bullet

This video demonstrates a few reasons I love Bullet so much. Watch how he plays with Lexis, and more importantly, his reaction to the dogs behind us. He's awesome.

I have never allowed any of my dogs to even think of fence fighting. They start barking, posturing or obsessing in any way at a dog they are brought inside immediately. Every single time, from day one. Sure, it takes time and dedication with each dog but eventually it pays off and the effort is SO worth it in the end.

The dog freaking out at the fence is still a puppy (I'm guessing he was born last summer because he showed up in the late fall/early winter at around 8 weeks old).

The woman runs an in-home day care... Um, yeah. Red flags are flapping in my head.

Boy-oh-boy. I sure am looking forward to summertime when I get to spend hours in my garden next to this. I'm hoping the Mennonite Mongrel becomes used to my presence and stops his barking and lunging on the fence, but both dogs have endurance. *sigh*

As an added bonus I own the fence, the neighbours had a chain link up on their side until they ripped it out this fall. The wooden fence is old and not very well constructed to begin with, and when you combine the erosion of the dog claws and their weights being hurled against the boards I'm worried it's not going to last much longer. I don't have the funds to replace a fence this year so I'm choosing not to think about it and have gone into avoidance.


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Bullet is one of the TWIRLIEST dogs I've ever seen! I love how they are playing together. Those dogs behind the fence--oh my. It makes the dogs behind our fence seem like angels, although I still despise them. Our fence dogs only bark; they don't lunge at the fence. I often wonder what I can throw over the fence to make them shut up, but I can't think of any legal solutions...and it's not really the dogs' fault anyway, right? It's their lazy owners.

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Haha, love the video!

Christine said...

Yikes, doesn't look like that fence will last much longer. Do you think they would bite if they got through?

K9-CRAZY said...

Bullet and Glory are both very twirly dogs, they must have the twirly gene!

Would they bite? I'd rather not find out... I'm thinking of adding 2x4's to the center of each panel for extra support, and then blocking the bottom half to stop all visual stimulation for them.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I heart Bullet too! I enjoyed watching him run around and play with Lexi in the video. I was going to suggest the very thing you mentioned in your comment...the boards to reinforce the fence. I have a feeling it would be bad news if that dog came through it. I'm guessing you can't talk to the neighbors? Same ones as before, who left the dog alone, outside all the time? Bullet was very well behaved. He never barked a word, but he got the last word in when he peed in the corner! ha ha

K9-CRAZY said...

Since my post in December I've been over to talk to her twice about the barking. As politely and as delicately as I could, trying to stay positive and not point fingers so she wouldn't get defensive. I offered to help by letting them borrow an extra crate or bark collar, which she declined. The last thing I want is a war with them so I'm working on my patience.

She claims that her dogs are quiet unless mine are outside or our other neighbour has her day care kids out. That is one steaming pile of BS since mine don't spend any time lose in the yard unless I'm with them. (And I've warned our other neighbour not to allow any children to poke their fingers through the fence.)

In other words, it's not her fault, it's ours.

I'd rather not deal with her anymore so I'll have to figure out a way to minimize this on my side.

I can't see how others in the neighbourhood aren't bothered by the noise. Once spring comes and people start opening their windows I'm crossing my fingers that they'll get other complaints. (If they haven't already.)

I've got the phone number to report a noise complaint stored in my phone but I'd rather not use it. I don't want to cause any problems for fear it would backfire and bite me in the @$$. I've got three dogs myself. All I want is peace and QUIET!

Oh, and I asked what happened to their previous dog. She did get hit by a car.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I think your idea to reinforce the fence is a good one, but you should probably be using that phone number too. Share the video with the authorities too. They're damaging your property.

I would be very concerned about any kids left in her care if her dogs are that flipped out.

Your dogs are amazing - seriously amazing. Love to watch them play!

Cheryl said...

Bullet is amazing! I love the way he spins in front of Lexi - very charming. :)What is even more incredible is his reaction to the dogs behind you. I can't even imagine the environment those dogs are living in...and it's a home daycare??!! :0
Taking video might come in handy in the future. I'd be very worried about a dog crashing through the fence one day.

Teri said...

What a lovely response Bullet has to that situation! I would definately reinforce the fence. You might also want to consider buying some cheap snow fencing and staple gun that to the exsisting fence. We also rebuilt our fences here with minimum cost by placing new landscape ties on the bottom ground, trimming the rotten portion off any boards and then using 2x4 at top, middle, bottom for added support to nail the boards to. The added bonus of the neighbour not contributing is that it doesn't matter if the fence doesn't look as good on her side :o).