Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bogs - A review

I am an impulse buyer. After spending a few years longing for, drooling over, researching and trying on different rain boots, one weekend I decided I had to have a pair right away. So I went shopping.

Bogs were my boot of choice and I've been enjoying them for the past two months. (This is a personal review, not a paid advertisement.)

These boots bring back a childhood joie de vivre. They allow you to take the direct route through a mud pit and let you stomp around simply to hear the squish. Water is just as fun, I splashed in the lake with temperatures hovering around freezing. Feet stayed warm. Dry.

It doesn't take much to amuse me.

You can walk for hours in comfort. Not something you can say about the Canadian Tire black boot special.

The boots aren't perfect. They do not handle ice well, combining them with YakTrax in slippery conditions would be a smart idea.

The looks. Not my top pick but I wanted comfort and practicality, style wasn't topping my list. The handles bug me as they take up valuable immersion inches. Not to mention that they make my legs look like those of an elephant, especially with my pants tucked in. There are other Bog styles that I may check out in the future.

They are warmer than I expected. This was a bonus for winter but I'm afraid they'll be too warm for summer. Since I only wear boots for tracking in the summer they'll probably be ok, and I think they have other styles for warmer weather.

While they are warm, (rated for -40˚F/C) I think I'd still chose my Sorels over the Bogs if I am standing stationary for long periods of time in winter. For any activity the Bogs win.

I was breaking through a thin layer of ice to get to this water. So much fun!


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

So what is on the inside of the boot? And how much do they cost?

K9-CRAZY said...

They are Neoprene, cost just over $100 Cdn.

Hobbes Dogs said...

Is the top fabric part waterproof as well? Do you think they would work well in kennels?

K9-CRAZY said...

I wish I'd had them for when I worked in Breslau. This style may be too warm for summer but perfect for now.

The top is waterproof, it's neoprene, but unlike the bottom it's a little more fabricky on the surface of the top. As long as you don't get projectile vomit or diarrhea on them they'd be ok, but even if you did you could scrub it off. So yes!

I got them at the Shoeper store in Guelph on Willow/Silvercreek.

Natalie said...

I like 'em! :) I think I might get BOGS when my Hartley dog print boots kick the bucket ;)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Those boots are SO CUTE! I needed new boots because my old ones had too many holes, but I went cheapomatic and bought $15 plain black ones at Walmart. But I think I got a size too small because my baby toes are getting squished. All that to say, I might have to save up for Bogs.