Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The wonder of first time cachers

Taking family out for their first time Geocaching showed me how different it is caching with kids. They LOVE the "treasure" after the find. I may just stock up on little toys and drop them off when I see a cache a low on inventory. As an adult I don't pay much attention to the trinkets. I'll rake through them to see if there are any Travel Bugs or GeoCoins, and if there is a patch I'll trade for that, but I have no interest in the rest.

It's here!

To see the kids evolve from unsure of what to do, to finding them on their own at the end was exciting. It's a great activity for families to get out and do together, and once you have your equipment it's free but for the gas. Gets you off the couch and outside!

Puzzle caches are among some of my favorites, they work the brain as well as the body. I'm determined to solve Ode to a wonderful, magical animal one day. Preferably by spring.

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