Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leaping Lagomorph Lunacy

My posts seem to be all about Geocaching lately. While I'd imagine that most people do the majority of their caching in the warmer months, my stats show I'm a winter girl. Schutzhund training moves to the back burner, tracking isn't taking priority of my time and the dogs love frolicking in the snow. Enter caching season!

Last weekend I solved and found "Leaping Lagomorph Lunacy". For my log I wanted a picture of the dogs "leaping" and I ended up with the synchronized bound through the snow shown above. That they are both lunatics and have huge, rabbit-like ears goes without saying.

I heard that!

Look at how thick the ice is on the riverbank!

Overall it wasn't a very successful caching day for me. The coordinates for the first stage of a multi eluded me, the second was up a tree I'd have to climb (not something I attempt when I'm alone with two dogs), the third was frozen under rocks, and the last, electricitree, was across a river that I couldn't find a safe way over. Reviewing the area on google maps when I got home, I discovered I may have to wait for the water levels to drop (they've been high after a recent thaw), or I can try to tackle it from the far end of the park.

It's in the tree on the other side of the river... so close, yet so far away!

The area is a nice place for a walk so I'm looking forward to going back. Bully and Lex don't mind one bit!


Urban canines said...

Great photos! I enjoy your geocaching posts since I am not very familiar with the activity. Since we tend to fall into ruts with our hikes, geocaching seems like it might be a more interesting activity next winter.

Ruth said...

I have found one geocache and had a lot of difficulty locating it. But it really appeals to me as a fun activity. The river changes seasonally and I noticed a lot of ice thrown up on the banks after our New Year's thaw. Great pictures of your beautiful dogs!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I don't always comment, but I do always check your posts.
Geocaching sounds interesting and fun, but I Love seeing your big beautiful dogs. They always look so healthy and vibrant.