Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas toy review - Orbee Ball

My dogs love the Planet Dog Orbee World Balls, this time I bought the one that glows in the dark.

So far the glow lasts a reasonable amount of time, great for playing in the park at night if you have a flashlight to recharge it.

If allowed, Bullet will pick the world off an Orbee ball before ripping the rest of it to shreds. Overall this takes him a while so I agree with it's chew-o-meter rating of "5 out of 5 chompers". Not indestructible but tough.

One thing I have to watch out for with this ball is the extreme bounce. Bullet is crazy and will leap up to catch it in the air. I can't release him until it's dead for his own safety. The last thing I want is him breaking his leg or ripping ligaments from his contorted acrobatic freestyle routine.

Dogs love to chew this ball. It's soft and makes a wonderful squishy sound when filled with slobber. Some would never allow this behaviour with a Schutzhund dog, convinced it encourages a chewy grip. Others feel that how a dog enjoys a toy reward is unrelated to how it will behave on a sleeve. Right now I'm gravitating towards the "never allow this behaviour" camp. I strongly believe that if you have a dog with chewing tendencies letting them practice it can't help but create a bad habit. After saying that I do bring it out occasionally because the dogs really do love it.

Some of the heavier solid balls can be dangerous, but this one is soft and safe for the teeth, so if caught in the air there is no danger of a tooth getting damaged or the dog getting hurt if smashed in the face.


Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Sadie would rip it to shreds too, just like the plushy we got her... sorry, SANTA got her for Christmas. It's already gutted, and the stuffing is everywhere. Bits of squeaker found too. We knew it would be thoroughly killed, but it made her deliriously happy to get it :)

Merry Christmas!!

dinsdaledogs said...

My guys love the Orbee balls, other then the stripping of the world they last well with Standard Schnauzers. Like Bullet my guys are crazy about the bounce and Clover will retrieve this ball forever for me.

rottngrl said...

Have to disagree on the "encourages a chewy grip", or atleast on the sleeve. IMO, allowing a dog to chew on toys, bones etc.. only strengthens their jaw muscles encouraging even stronger grips. However, the fetch aspect of the game is similar to the retrieve, and you could encourage overshot of the pick up, and chewiness on the dumbell.