Monday, November 01, 2010

Bullet, GeoDog Excellent!

Having such a beautiful November day off gave me an opportunity to take Bullet out caching. (And work off all the Halloween candy I ate!) Bullet found 15 of the 17 I logged today and his drive to find them didn't diminish - three hours later his 15th find was as intense as his first.

Here is a picture of one cache I didn't ask him to search for, the most difficult of the day. This was hanging on a branch in the forest. Clever!

He's an amazing geocaching partner. He fully understands what the game is and has no problems with metal ammo cans, small containers hidden well out of sight, caches high up in trees or under things. Now that he's nailing them I'm going to start racing him to the finds... try and get to them before he does.

Running through the bush sometimes results in injuries, when Bullet started limping I immediately checked his paws only to find this thorn between his toes. Ouch. I pulled it out and off he ran.

Bullet finding a cache hidden in a rock cliff:

Bullet finding an ammo can in a forest:

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