Monday, October 11, 2010

The perfect dog

Ever since Bullet was a puppy I've called him the perfect dog. This got a few reactions along the lines of "there is no such thing as a perfect dog" which caused me to call him perfect even more often. I do things like that. And enjoy it ;)

But Bullet IS perfect. He's healthy. He's trustworthy. He's a constant companion. I feel safe with him. He's great around children, in public, at work, at home. He's always willing to do whatever we are doing and will turn himself inside out to please. He's got a great heart and such a cute face!

Perfection to me isn't about points in a trial. It's about life between trials. Bullet is everything I wanted and more, therefore he's perfect.

I won't mention the fact I've had the occasional daydream about debarking him along with his sister. (Maybe the vet could give me a two for one deal?)

Or that I wish he'd think twice before chewing the dumbbell... or the sleeve... or the Kong that's he's always got stuffed his mouth while sitting there staring at me.

So what if I have to take a shower after training to remove the slobber he coats me in from head to toe?

And why, oh why, does he INSIST on tearing up my lawn every time he urinates?

No. I will not mention those things because they don't matter.

Turns out that I'm an incredibly lucky person - Lexington is also perfect. I've got two perfect dogs!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Katrin said...

I'm with you on the perfect thing, my family insists on trying to tell me "there is no perfect dog" I beg to differ. Glad you have a couple of perfect dogs in your life as well!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I know Glory is K's girl, but I think you've got 3 perfect dogs ;)

*hugs* hope you had a great Thanksgiving, my friend!!

K9-CRAZY said...

Yes, I probably should have put a line in about Glory being Kevin's, eh? :)