Monday, October 25, 2010

Life is good

We recently rented a cottage and spent a week up in the Haliburton/Algonquin area.

Our criteria when it comes to a cottage:

Must allow dogs
Have a large area dogs can run free
Be very private
Cost as little as possible
Have a place dogs can swim safely
Be open in the early spring or fall
Be clean
Preferably heated

We don't spend a lot of time in our cottage so it doesn't have to be large or pretty. I'd prefer if it wasn't - the less we need to clean and the fewer things to be broken the better. It's our base camp, most of our time is spent hiking and now caching with the dogs. We make our own food, eating before we leave in the morning and when we get back at night, with a lunch and snacks packed for when we are hungry during the day.

The spring or fall is the best time to go, there are no bugs, the trails are nearly empty and it's gorgeous! Perfect temperature for hiking. In the early spring many of the trails haven't been cleaned of fallen trees and some bushwhacking may be required, and the trails tend to be muddier. Yet you'll pass even fewer people than in the fall which is perfect for us.

We hike.

My Bully.


Kevin with the girls.

About as top of the world as you can get in these parts.

We cache.

Our first earth cache on the Spruce Bog Boardwalk trail in Algonquin. GC1626P - A waterlogged desert.

Bullet doing an excellent down stay at the cemetery gates while I search for a cache. He's usually by my side helping me but not here.

Caching helps you discover trails, places and landmarks you never would have found on your own.

Although some discoveries have you scratching your head wondering "why?"!

At the end of the day we make a fire or crash with a book.

Other than not working, our vacations aren't that different than everyday life. We just get to do the same things in new places.

Life is good :)


Anonymous said...

If you're up Kingston way, check out GC15GBA (Arney Mountain) and GC5938 (Long Way From Home Depot). Both are great places to hike with the dogs. :-)

K9-CRAZY said...

I'll absolutely have to check those out. Kingston would be a great mini caching vacation destination!