Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

The Springer Bike Attachment.

One of man's greatest inventions! If you have a dog you'd like to bike with, this is a valuable tool. Biking is a great way to condition a dog and most dogs love it!

The Springer keeps the dog in a safe position centered beside the bike and it doesn't let them get too close to the frame or wheels. It absorbs the shock of any jerks and you aren't thrown off balance. Coda, the 80lb Giant Schnauzer pictured above, would occasionally decide to take off after a squirrel or rabbit that bolted across our path and I was in no danger of falling. All of my dogs have liked to lean into the run, the Springer allows them to do just that without fear of pulling me over. The springer arm is easily taken off for when you are going for a ride without your dog.

When you hold a leash in your hand a small pull can upset your balance and cause you to swerve and/or fall. It's more dangerous for you and the dog, no matter how skilled a rider you are, or how obedient your dog is. The Springer is amazing! I've noticed that now sells them online.

Remember to ride safely - you must read your dog, give them rest breaks, offer water and don't forget to inspect their paws after every ride. Pavement is tough on their joints and feet, groomed trails are always best if available.

My Australian Shop coat.

It's not feminine. It's large on me. It makes me look like a cowboy without a horse, or a character from City Slickers. But when I have to choose between fashion and practicality, I choose practicality. That coat has kept my torso dry in torrential rainstorms, it's perfect for training outdoors. The pockets are huge with plenty of room for treats, toys and tracking articles. The fashion police haven't come to get me yet though and it was worth every penny.

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