Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The dreaded stay. It's my least favorite thing to teach, especially once you add distance and time. BORING!

As a result I don't work stays as much as I should. And what do you know... NONE of my dogs have stays as strong as they should/could be. Which makes me not want to work them even more. Isn't it funny how things don't get better if you don't work on them?

This is an evil circle I vow to break.

No more losing 10 points at a trial for a broken stay... or in the CKC world, failing immediately.

For the SchH3 long down I stand behind a blind, out of sight. Bullet is not ready for that yet. In CKC, the stays in open are out of sight. The time to work on this with Lexus is now.

My goal - rock solid stays.

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Kath (Eating for Living) said...

Just stumbled across your blog (coming from the Nightlife) and wanted to say hi! Have a good primal month!

Your dogs are adorable. :D