Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stacking a GSD

Curious as to how she would look, I thought I'd try stacking Lexus in the GSD pose. I've never asked her to stand like this, and I was doing this with no help from anyone, not to mention I have no previous experience stacking a Shepherd.

She did amazingly well at standing with pretty good attitude. Sticks, rocks and even my lens cap were used to try and get her head looking forward rather than towards me. Her front leg would curl, waiting for my "OK!" release.

While the background was nice, the camera, lighting and stacking weren't very good in our first attempt. Once I placed her feet into position I ran back and snapped as quickly as possible, not sure how long she'd stay. Her front back leg is very odd, and her back leg looks too extended. She was AWESOME at holding her stay though, very good girl!

Second attempt seems better, less awkward overall but her back leg is too far back I think? When I got home from work I got my better camera and ran her down to the river. Wish the shadows weren't so strong and I had a clean place to stand her, but it was a great training exercise for both of us.

Less extended, with that front foot up in anticipation of the release to her toy:

While her name is Extreme, I'm glad that she isn't extreme structurally, although if she had been she wouldn't have been chosen to become one of mine!


Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

She's a lovely girl, extreme or not :) Nice shots!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

With our dogs, when we teach "stay", we make them sit, tell them to stay, then wait a minute, then we reward them in the place they are staying. We do not release them and reward them then, because that is rewarding them for coming, not staying. Make sense? Try doing some "stay" commands, then rewarding the dog on the spot. Then, release them. No treat for release. "Stay" can be a hard thing to teach, so I hope this helps.