Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Extreme De Bellator

Lexus is mine. 100% mine. She is here to stay.

Anyone who knows me realizes how huge this decision is. It's so much more than just keeping a dog. It means no longer fostering, and fostering has been a big part of my life for a long time.

She was a safe foster. A special chance for me to raise and train a German Shepherd - a breed I've never been drawn to and never wanted to have. At a year I'd hand her back. Simple! Handing them back is easy for me considering my heart is made of stone. Turns out it's not a very solid stone. There was always the option of me keeping Lex and I think this made a difference and allowed her to worm her way in.

She hasn't been the easiest puppy I've ever raised. She was more independent than I'm used to with her own little puppy agenda full of future puppy antics. Sure she was willing to please... herself. She was whiny - I hate whiny puppies. She was a little drama queen, screaming bloody murder over the stupidest things. Her reactions to other dogs concerned me. Her attention, recalls and puppy obedience wasn't progressing the way I'm used to it progressing.

But there were glimmers. Spots of brilliance. Moments where we clicked. I felt the possibilities in these seconds and clung to them, rewarded and shaped them.

She's a happy girl, funny and confident. She provides a nice energy in our home. She gets along with the pack. I'm really excited about our future together.

When it came time to make a decision I realized - I didn't want to let her go. Sometimes it's best to embrace happy accidents with both arms and not let go. So I bought her, and she's mine.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

T is for Tactics

Dun dun... DUN DUN...

Be very afraid to enter the water!

Little miss jaws might steal your toy.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Caching - It's been a while and I've missed you!

Yesterday I managed to get out and do some caching. In the morning I took Bullet for the first two, he found both with no help from me. He found the second cache up a tree before I even saw it. It's been a while but he knew what we were after.

Lexus came with me later that night as she really needed to get out and stretch her legs. Staying within walking distance from home we went to find three new ones in the area. I plan on teaching her to find caches as well, but none of yesterday's were good teaching caches or good teaching situations.

The first was a metal nano hidden high on an overhead metal structure.

The second was a micro. By the time I reached the location it was dark. At that point I was being eaten alive by monster mosquitoes. The shadows were creepy. The spider webs were huge, thick and I didn't know where they were until my face found them. The cache was hidden was on top of an incredibly steep hill in a forest. There was the sound of screaming, snarling fighting raccoons in the not so distant distance and I became paranoid that Lexus would be attracting every urban coyote in the neighbourhood. I just wanted to get out of there! I almost gave up but eventually, somehow, managed to find it using a flashlight app on my iPod touch.

The third was a magnetic micro, hidden high up on a sign on the other side of a fence.

Hopefully my log entries are legible, I entered them while doing the mosquito smacking dance in the dark!

Anybody want a Schnauzer?

Bullet's hyperventilating, pacing and whining is driving me up the wall. I can't wait for Lexus to be done and life to get back to normal!