Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

A few nights ago I laid a track for Bullet behind an industrial building. My last leg ran a foot from the building itself, I wanted to test him with the wind and currents billowing next to the structure. As I was walking along I noticed new big black boxes placed at regular intervals next to the wall. Hmmm, I thought. They must be having a rat problem.

Then I almost stepped on a small, furry body. Startled, I jumped through the air and to the side in time. Then stopped to see what it was. (I was still laying my track at this point!) It was too fuzzy to be a rat, and I doubt I'd see any bodies if they had eaten the poison.

It turned it's head around, big eyes on me and meowed. The little kitten didn't seem shy of me, but I wondered if he'd been in the box for a snack. Do kittens eat rat poison? I'm sure they do. While sad, there was nothing I could do for it so I continued laying my track and drove home.

Over supper I told Kevin about the kitten. He wanted to go get it! I wasn't convinced but couldn't persuade him otherwise, so we pulled out our small cat crate and some gloves. Besides, what were the chances it would still be there or Kevin could catch him?

We drove back to the building and I started tracking Bullet. As we approached the area where I saw the kitten we saw it again, right next to the building on some rocks. Bullet ignored it and kept going. The kitten ignored Bullet.

How did Bullet handle where the track had been interrupted by my jump and stand in place? His head moved over to check out the spot where the kitten had been laying, then immediately moved back to find the track and he continued on, finding the last two articles with ease. Good boy :)

After our track, Kevin grabbed the gloves and the crate and went to collect the kitten. He had no problem catching or handling it, I wonder if it was dumped recently? I can't see it being a feral kitten. If it was dumped I can't see it being out there for long without getting eaten by a coyote or plucked off the ground by a bird.

The kitten is currently quarantined in a dog crate in our garage. So far it's showing no signs of discomfort, is eating, drinking and eliminating just fine. It's happy, active, eyes are clear and it's friendly. And pretty darn cute.

Once we are sure it will be ok we'll be finding it a good home, we don't need another cat.


workingdobes said...

soo cute!! if I didn't live in such a small space I would volunteer to take it! will you give it a name?
good boy Bullet!! I can't say Diet's would have had the same focus for the track.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Oh I want it. Can't have it, but want it. I won't be mentioning this to the kids...

So cute!!!