Sunday, June 27, 2010

Journey to the land of the setting sun.

A journey led two friends down an illuminated path to rediscover a world we all inhabit but rarely take time to appreciate. Once there they marveled at a miniature dimension containing the power to kindle the grandest of senses.

They encountered one creature proudly navigating his group of zeppelins into the breeze, the gentle sky fire wafting through his antennae and around his stained glass wings.

Two friends became four as they spent time reuniting with their long-legged shadows, a visual reminder of a certainty in our lives: The brighter the light the more intense the darkness.

They contemplated how there will be occasions when we have the power to turn and face the light, others where we must wait patently for the sun to rise again in her own time. How we must learn to distinguish the difference, taking great care not to waste valuable time in gloom when we can spin into gladness.

Together they whispered a prayer to once again witness the sun's soft rays breaking the horizon with nothing but birdsong as accompaniment. To be the ones to welcome her back into our lives the next morning.

At peace, they wished the sun a good night.


Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Gorgeous pictures and narrative, my friend!

Could it be...

are you...

getting mellow?


Juliette said...

Lovely poetic writing and I love the photo of your 2 shadows.

Enjoying this site - will be back regularly, thanks.

Sara said...

I like your comment in the margin about all dog trainers can agree about!! Nice way of writing and good pics thanks for sharing.

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