Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not enough time

Time. When I find myself wishing for something to hurry up and happen I remind myself of a fable I once heard. It was about a boy who was given his life as a ball of string and some scissors but was warned to use it well. He could cut out unpleasant experiences, or cut to happy times. At first he was careful but soon he was cutting out big portions of his life. It wasn't until his ball was much smaller that he realized how all experiences make a life and you can't go back. He'd cut away his whole life. The real fable is much better of course but I can't find any references to it on a quick internet search.

Right now I have many blog posts planned but no time to write them. I'm too busy enjoying the experiences. Some upcoming posts will be about (so I don't forget):

Why I lock the gates to my backyard.

Hero worship in the dog world.

Gardening with dogs.

The danger of barbed wire.

The longest hike ever.

Competing with your dog, a balancing act.

How many dogs to work?

And there I go, I'm sure I've forgotten some! There is one coming shortly, complete with pictures and possibly video if I can find an old clip.

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