Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lexus – Swimming sessions 2, 3 & 4

Session #2

With two toys in hand, Bullet, Lexus and I visited the lake again for our second swimming lesson. I didn't take any pictures this time as I wanted to focus on Lexus. Throwing long for Bullet gave me the opportunity to do just that. I got her pumped for her frisbee and aimed it very close to the shore. She had to step into the water to get it but she wanted the toy bad enough so this was no big deal. Gradually she was running in to chest depth no problem. Occasionally I'd throw a little too far and I needed Bullet's help to get me her frisbee, she wasn't ready to take her feet off the bottom yet.

Session #3

Same toys, same dogs, same swimming hole.

We started close to shore and gradually extended the distance as I saw Lexus becoming more comfortable in the water.



Bottom-heavy splashing, but she's swimming!

Yeehaw! It's not pretty, but she's getting there.

Time to go home.

Session #4

This time Lexus was solo. No Bullet. When we entered the park she kept looking around and behind us, I think she was wondering where he was. Once we reached the water she quickly forgot about him and the first thing she did, on her own, was jump in and start swimming. A very good sign. I threw her toy and voila! We have a swimming, retrieving Shepherd puppy!

She was leveling out her body, there was no splashing and she was becoming much more efficient right before my eyes.

Rescued stick.

Another rescued stick.

Along the way she lost track of her frisbee and discovered some sticks that needed rescuing instead. I was worried that I had lost a toy since Bullet wasn't there to save the day, but with some well-aimed rocks I was able to direct her to the toy which she happily brought back to shore with her.


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Aww, that's awesome! YOU are awesome! BBQ soon, yes???

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