Monday, March 22, 2010

My 10 year old Kona

I'm still in love with my Kona Fire Mountain. It has served me well over the years and has it's own collection of stories to share. One of it's first is dog related, are you surprised?

Here is my Kona freshly washed and tuned for the 2010 season. It would seem that I have an inability to take a photo without a dog in it.

My first foster Aussie came to us from a shelter soon after I purchased this bike. He was a red merle male with no name so I gave him the name I had reserved for my own puppy: Kona. A few foster dogs later my own dog was born, chosen and brought home. While I still liked the name Kona it was too fresh so I called him Coda.

Kona, Taken from the days before I had a digital camera...

I'm not one to reuse names but one day I will have my own Kona.

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Jessyca said...

Koda look smart ^^