Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lexus swimming for the first time

A puppy's first swim is always fun to watch. Some dogs take to the water instantly, others need to learn how to swim before they like it, others never take to it.

How would Lexus react?

We got to the lake and I threw the frisbee in for Bullet. He raced from the shore and into the water, Lexus close behind.


She lept up in surprise, continued to follow Bullet in a bit more but then paddled it back to shore.

After that she wasn't fooled, she was desperate to follow Bullet but not desperate enough to try swimming again. She settled for following him from shore, so intent on him that she ignored passing people and dogs.

"I want to... but can't...
Hey, is there a way to do this without getting wet?"

When Bullet brought me his toy he'd shake, Lexus was so funny, she'd follow his lead and shake too. Every time.

"There IS a way to do this without getting wet. Have the Schnauzer fetch it for me and ambush him! Too bad it only half works - he doesn't let me have the toy."


Lexus has such desire to follow Bullet I predict she'll be swimming in no time. I hope so anyway, swimming is great exercise.

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Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Ah so much fun! Lexus is such a cutie!

Sadie hates swimming. She'll only go in as long as she can still touch bottom, and after that she panics. I have the feeling she wasn't introduced to it until she was an adult, so she never took to it.