Monday, March 22, 2010

Bullet's training continued...

We had an excellent training session on Sunday at Frontier. We had to be a little creative as we were training on a different field. I brought my portable blinds, we used an old sleeve we had on hand that had the edge chewed (but was otherwise ok) and a cornstalk "stick". Hey, it worked just fine!

Bullet. Have I ever mentioned that he lives up to his name? Everything this dog does is fast and forward. Good for some things but it can be an inconvenience in others.

Like tracking.

We have had an excellent winter here in Southern Ontario, very little snow allowed us to track for more months than normal. Bullet LOVES tracking, his head goes down, his little nub of a tail wiggles and he gets to work. From day one I've concentrated on keeping his speed down, if I hadn't I'd probably be running after him at this point. One thing I never have to worry about with him is mousing or stopping and refusing to track. He knows his job and he does it.

And obedience.

Motion exercises. He must stop and sit, down or stand on command as I keep moving forward. This is torture to him but he holds it together. The long down is just plain mean. The speed is nice for his retrieves, recall and sendout.

And protection.

His blind searches are getting better! He is running tighter and with more purpose rather than running as fast as he can and wiping out. He's collecting himself into his hold and bark.

When the time comes for speed he's got it.

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