Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Kongs are getting bigger

Lexus likes to shove her bottom jaw through the hole on her Kong. It balances nicely on her teeth when she's telepathically communicating with me to play with her...

As she grows the size of Kong she prefers is growing as well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lexus swimming for the first time

A puppy's first swim is always fun to watch. Some dogs take to the water instantly, others need to learn how to swim before they like it, others never take to it.

How would Lexus react?

We got to the lake and I threw the frisbee in for Bullet. He raced from the shore and into the water, Lexus close behind.


She lept up in surprise, continued to follow Bullet in a bit more but then paddled it back to shore.

After that she wasn't fooled, she was desperate to follow Bullet but not desperate enough to try swimming again. She settled for following him from shore, so intent on him that she ignored passing people and dogs.

"I want to... but can't...
Hey, is there a way to do this without getting wet?"

When Bullet brought me his toy he'd shake, Lexus was so funny, she'd follow his lead and shake too. Every time.

"There IS a way to do this without getting wet. Have the Schnauzer fetch it for me and ambush him! Too bad it only half works - he doesn't let me have the toy."


Lexus has such desire to follow Bullet I predict she'll be swimming in no time. I hope so anyway, swimming is great exercise.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bullet's training continued...

We had an excellent training session on Sunday at Frontier. We had to be a little creative as we were training on a different field. I brought my portable blinds, we used an old sleeve we had on hand that had the edge chewed (but was otherwise ok) and a cornstalk "stick". Hey, it worked just fine!

Bullet. Have I ever mentioned that he lives up to his name? Everything this dog does is fast and forward. Good for some things but it can be an inconvenience in others.

Like tracking.

We have had an excellent winter here in Southern Ontario, very little snow allowed us to track for more months than normal. Bullet LOVES tracking, his head goes down, his little nub of a tail wiggles and he gets to work. From day one I've concentrated on keeping his speed down, if I hadn't I'd probably be running after him at this point. One thing I never have to worry about with him is mousing or stopping and refusing to track. He knows his job and he does it.

And obedience.

Motion exercises. He must stop and sit, down or stand on command as I keep moving forward. This is torture to him but he holds it together. The long down is just plain mean. The speed is nice for his retrieves, recall and sendout.

And protection.

His blind searches are getting better! He is running tighter and with more purpose rather than running as fast as he can and wiping out. He's collecting himself into his hold and bark.

When the time comes for speed he's got it.

My 10 year old Kona

I'm still in love with my Kona Fire Mountain. It has served me well over the years and has it's own collection of stories to share. One of it's first is dog related, are you surprised?

Here is my Kona freshly washed and tuned for the 2010 season. It would seem that I have an inability to take a photo without a dog in it.

My first foster Aussie came to us from a shelter soon after I purchased this bike. He was a red merle male with no name so I gave him the name I had reserved for my own puppy: Kona. A few foster dogs later my own dog was born, chosen and brought home. While I still liked the name Kona it was too fresh so I called him Coda.

Kona, Taken from the days before I had a digital camera...

I'm not one to reuse names but one day I will have my own Kona.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't find them all...

But it's not from lack of trying. We never did find the cache hidden here and both Bullet and I were looking hard.

It's not up here!

Remember my Littlest Hobo Travel Bug? He has traveled to Costa Rica!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunchtime adventures

I'm fortunate to work for a company that allows me to bring a dog to work with me occasionally. Last week I brought Lexus in rather than Bullet and at lunch we visited Waterloo Park where they have some animals. These animals have been used as training distractions for many of my past puppies.

We saw the llamas and the deer:

And then spent some time with the mini horse:

After that I laid some scent pads for her:

And posed her on a rock:

Overall an excellent adventure to break up a workday.