Friday, February 12, 2010

Skipping through a life where the sun always shines!

Have you ever been so happy with something that you never wanted it to end? That is how I feel about my Bully.

Although it's silly, I look at him and contemplate life when he's gone. Bullet will be five years old this June, he's young and healthy. Yet time passes frighteningly fast and it's foolish to take life for granted. It is a great gift that is too quickly snatched from us.

This is a bittersweet perspective that I don't regret having. Though I often have death hovering in the back of my mind it encourages me to truly enjoy every single moment. Morbid perhaps, but true. It's the rainy days that make sunny days precious.

Bullet has always been the perfect dog for me. Always there by my side, willing and able to do anything I ask and more, we have a lot of fun together. I'm thankful to have him and look forward to the years to come. There will never be another Bullet.

So on that note, I've been thinking about my next dog. Is it time? Soon, I think. Soon.

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Christine said...

I think that everyone who has lost a Giant (or any dog) at a young age always has that in the back of their mind. You just appreciate the time you do have with them.