Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remember Whensday: Coda

Perhaps it's time to plunge into the past for stories of my dogs and fosters gone by.

Coda was a great bikejoring dog, but he would never swim. He'd get as far as his chest and stop. If we were throwing a ball in for another dog he'd wait until they returned to shallow waters and ambush them for the toy if we let him.

With his softer, thicker, faster growing coat and profuse furnishings we'd have to plan for his dips in the water. If we were camping and left it too late in the afternoon we had a wet dog in the tent with us at night. Compare that to Bullet and Glory who are dry after running through a field. I can honestly say I never want what is often called an "American" coated Giant Schnauzer again. Waaaaay too much work to groom, keep dry, clean, burr and snowball free. I don't care how good it can look. Once I shaved Coda down with a number 10 blade, everything but his beard and eyebrows that is. He looked a little odd but I loved it... His breeder not so much. Unfortunately for me it didn't take long to grow back. One thing a coat like that does do is give you lots of opportunities to practice your grooming skills!

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Holly Rae said...

I had the same swimming problem w/ my rough collie until I bought her a *blushes* float coat. She zips all over the river wearing her life jacket now.