Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lexus and Bullet

Week by week Lexus is growing up. Puppies aren't a new thing in this house but for some reason her growth continues to surprise me. Her training is evolving as well, here are some training pictures from training this morning. I made sure I was home for the big hockey game... GO CANADA GO!

She's barking more.

She's bringing the toy back to Frankie for him to continue the game.

She holds on tight and is gradually learning to pull backwards. Look at the length of her tail!

She is very calm on her bite.

Bullet loves to slam the helper when he comes into the blind, and will often give a dirty bite before settling in to bark. We've been working on this and he's shown incredible improvement.

Here he is shifting his weight backwards in preparation of the stop and bark.

He's fast. Really fast. This means he must think on his feet and stop just as quickly as he runs. Gradually we've been making it more difficult for him by cracking the whip and pumping him up before I send him in, knowing that will be his state of mind in a trial. Here he is running around Frankie, slamming on his breaks and turning at the same time.


Along with this we've been working on extending the duration of his barking, adding the distraction of myself and others walking around him and other exercises such as running the blinds. I'm very happy with his progress and am looking forward to seeing what this summer brings.

I must go watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It's been a great two weeks, I love Canada!

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Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

I forget - is she being trained for any particular orientation?

Go Bullet!!

And GO CANADA!! What an emotional day!!!