Sunday, February 07, 2010

Help with an ID?

While caching north of Toronto with Kevin & Bullet we came across this head in a tree. I've done some research online but can't seem to identify what breed this is, I'm guessing it's a ram of some sort?

If anyone can help I'd love to know!


Heather and Ellie said...

That is really weird! I have no idea what it is...some kind of ram I guess.
Someone proud of their kill?!

sarbu victor valentin said...

nice photo:)

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

HOW far north were you???

That is a male Dall's sheep... but WTH was it doing in a tree???? They're not even indigenous to our area! You see them in the Rockies all the time. In fact, in Jasper when you're relaxing in the hotsprings, if you look up, chances are there will be half a dozen on the rock face above you.

K9-CRAZY said...

I'm not convinced that it is a Dall's sheep. The horns weren't quite right. And why would it be here? I'm wondering if it's some domestic breed or cross breed.