Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brilliant blog posts

As I walk the dogs I'm often planning training sessions, problem solving and writing blog posts in my head, all the while taking pictures. Let me tell you... they are all brilliant! Seriously though, by the time I get home I've either forgotten what I was thinking or have no desire to sit in front of my machine and put it together. Ah well, one day. Good thing I'm not paid to do this :)

Until then how about two pictures from my walk yesterday. Bullet has been cooped up and I had to let him out, he wore his boots and I kept him from running. His nail is looking better! He enjoyed the day, and it allowed me to get some trail training on the puppy.

Lexus is growing so fast it's hard to believe she's not even 5 months old yet. She's too "doggy" for my liking, following Bullet or Glory around and not checking in with me at all – I have to focus on being more interesting to her and becoming a source of fun outside. Her recall is great in a training session and at home, but once loose on a trail it is almost non existent. That should be easy enough to fix, I just need to work on it.

Another area that I need to focus on with her is dog meetings. When we cross paths with other people walking their dogs the hair goes up from her withers to her tail. Bullet is excellent with other dogs and I'm hoping she'll follow his lead and become more relaxed. My job has been to make sure the meetings are all positive ones. If I'm unsure about the temperament of an approaching dog I'll turn around or move into the forest until they've passed.

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