Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training starts for twenty ten

We've got a warm barn to train in on those super cold days. The flooring is perfect for the dogs and the size will do just fine for most exercises. Bullet was glad to back into it from our short Christmas break. So was I!

Lexus had her first "protection" session... With puppies this is not much more than getting them driving for a tug toy, learning to bark for it and playing with new people. I don't know who had more fun - Lexus or Frankie?

On the way to training I had Lexus up front with me. There was a time I would have thought nothing of this, the family dogs always sat beside me before I moved out on my own. Things changed after I got my first GS, Coda, and we took obedience classes with a man who STRONGLY believed and stressed the importance of everyone's safety in the car. Since then I've been a good girl! Until Sunday.

I declare it another important puppy experience that will help her grow into a well rounded adult. Um, yeah, that's it.

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