Monday, December 07, 2009

K9-CRAZY – Geocaching

A friend introduced me to a wonderful activity that I've been wanting to try for a while – Geocaching.

Bullet with a larger Ammo Cache.

In short, you find the coordinates of hidden containers of different sizes and materials at, enter them into your GPS and drive & walk until you reach the spot. That's only half the battle. Once there your job is to find the hidden cache. There are caches worldwide, some are hidden in your very neighborhood and on trails you think you know well!

Find out more at Caches are rated based on the difficulty of the search and the difficulty of the terrain getting there. The hardest cache would be rated a 5/5, like this one in Antarctica (GC18G1Z).

Sounds fun, eh?

It is!

Bullet is my Geocaching buddy, together we are K9-CRAZY. I'm currently teaching him to search and find the cache once we reach the coordinates. He already knows how to footstep track, and I've taught him to search for hidden toys since he was a puppy, so it shouldn't be too difficult to teach him this new nose game.

Here is Bullet searching, although he hasn't quite grasped exactly what he's searching for yet:

I'm encouraging the passive indication that I've taught him for toy searches in my house, no pawing or barking, just an intense stare in the direction of the object:

On our travels we'll get to experience new trails I never knew existed, and it gives us an added element to walks we'd be taking anyways.

Bullet at a pothole created by a Glacier at Hilton Falls Conservation Area.

Bullet climbing his first stile on the Bruce trail.

Happy trails everyone!


Hobbes Dogs said...

Nice to hear of another person finding geocaching! I haven't gotten out much lately, but love finding a few caches on a hike when I can.

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

We have done geocahing in the past,
Not much with my current guide dog puppy, but when we do; I enjoy it!!

Toby's trainer
SEGDI Raiser

Christine said...

I saw that intense stare when he put the Kong on my lap. lol
Sorry, I didn't know I wasn't suppose to throw it in the house. :)