Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fall portraits of Bullet

It was time to groom Bullet as he was looking more like a scruffy mutt than a Giant Schnauzer. (When people start commenting on my labradoodle I know something has to be done...)

Bullet – Shaved Giant Schnauzer

Bullet – Shaved Giant Schnauzer

Bullet is a lean, mean, muscular machine. There is not an ounce of fat on this solid 78 pound dog (give or take a pound). It makes me curious to put my hands on the 125 pound and upward Schnauzers that many people brag about. Females are included in that weight range, wow. Unfortunately there are too many people who think bigger is better and want their Giants to be truly Giant.

Bullet and Glory – Giant Schnauzers

Then there is Glory who I like to call our Miniature Giant Schnauzer. The vet weighted her in at a mere 48lbs on her last visit, she's a tiny, yet mighty, Giant.

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Bruno said...

Bullet is beautiful. I hope to get a giant schnauzer one day once I have more experience with dogs.

I actually saved these pictures of Bullet on my phone as aspirational, ideal dog pictures (and I'm way more into the short, groomed look too.)

Maybe one day I'll come for Giant advice!