Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keeping your dog safe at night, the Auroralite safety collar

How about a random product review? This is not a paid advertisement, I'm reviewing this collar because I like it. I'm the type of person who has to try things for myself before I develop an opinion. How to keep your dog safe at night by use of a lit collar was no different.

From cheap little blinking plastic lights that clip on to a dogs collar, to a hunting dog collar and everything in between... I've bought them all. Do a search on any large pet supply store website and you can see your options.

Here is my black beast sitting in a dark ally. Can you see him? :)

Leaps and bounds ahead of the rest is the Auroralites collar, used by SAR, law enforcement as well as people like me as Bullet is demonstrating in the photo above. This isn't the cheapest collar you can buy but I've found it the best:

• It is bright, a vibrant light blue that penetrates the darkness and circles the dogs entire neck (except for a small area on the front where the battery is held). This is a VERY important detail and where all other collars fell short. With other collars, as your dog turns and corners in the dark you often only see them when their light is facing you, and the farther away they get the harder it is to see them. You see this collar from any angle and at a great distance.

• It is water-proofed.

• It is powered by a battery you can buy anywhere.

• It is easy and quick to take on and off the dog.

• Best of all, it's a Canadian company.

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Jay Rain said...

I use the SeeSpot Blinking Dog collar. I picked it up at a local pet shop, here in Austin, Tx. It is so much brighter than the other lighted collars I have tried in the past. VERY COOL! I think a blinking light is more noticeable than a solid, non-blinking light. Whatever brand you's cool to take care of your dog. Keep them safe.