Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy ending

Rufus found a home and left us at exactly 6 months old. Here's to him living a long and healthy life.

When he left his National Service Dog vest barely fit around his neck and had long been too small to fit around his rapidly growing chest.

Maybe it's just me, but I like to collect all puppy teeth found, although what ends up happening to them is a mystery. I now have three molars and one canine tooth sitting in a pile on my desk that I forgot to provide for Rufus' new family. They'll more than likely end up in a small box to be found years later, bringing with them nostalgic memories of puppies gone by.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Hobbes Dogs said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I keep puppy teeth as well ... I have them all in plastic bags in a drawer and every once in a while I think that I should do something with them. Beauty's started loosing hers, but I haven't found any yet.

Christine said...

I collected Mya's too, but like you, I have no idea where they are? I hope Rufus has a wonderful long life with his new family.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Kids teeth, puppy teeth. Yep, I have them all. Sometimes I couldn't wait for the kids to lose them so I yanked them out myself ;)

I'm sad that I have nothing, not even a picture, from Sadie's puppy hood, but I guess that's what happens for rescues!

Glad Roo found a home!

So when do you get the next puppy? ;)