Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Foxy is graduating tomorrow.

When National Service Dogs asked me to take Enzo I still had Foxy. While I was willing to take Enzo I don't have the room or the time for two puppies in training so I asked that they find another foster home for Foxy. As much as I like a puppy I know they aren't mine and I'm able to give them up easily enough because of this. Just don't ask me to give up Bullet. :)

This is what I wrote for her new fosterhome nearly a year ago:

Yellow Lab/Golden X female, born November 2007
Sponsored by the Kingston Civitan Club

Foxy is calm and polite around the house. She’s never been allowed on our furniture so she doesn’t even try. Very rarely if she becomes super overexcited she’ll do a half jump on a person but other than that she’s polite. When people visit our house I have her do a down stay until they have entered. She waits nicely at all doors, including her kennel if you ask her to wait. Never had issues with her stealing food or acting inappropriate at dinner time, she just lies at our feet.

She’s a wonderful loose leash walker.

She has a habit of taking her time eliminating when she’s on leash, she sniffs forever. You can lead a dog to grass but you can’t squeeze the pee out of it unfortunately.

Great with other dogs, all people big and small, cats. She notices cats, squirrels, geese and other dogs on walks but stays self controlled and working.

I’ve had her swimming before which she LOVES, she stays in the water and splashes in circles whining out of pure happiness.

We have kongs scattered everywhere in our house, she loves to carry them. She’s never been destructive except for very recently, we’d put a dog bed on top of her crate to vacuum and forgot to put it back down, she chewed a corner of this through the kennel. It’s probably best to not put blankets in her crate. We’ve left her loose at night in our bedroom and she’s fine with that, for some reason she always ends up sleeping under the bed even though she hardly fits and I’ve had to pull her out!

Her command for the crate is “kennel”. That’s where we feed her, she does a nice stay before she’s released to eat. Actually, her stays are very, very strong, in public, at home, at work she’s consistently good. The one area that I’ve been a little neglectful in is her recalls, she sometimes chooses that she’d rather not come so that could use some finessing.

Her one nasty habit is poo-eating. We don’t allow it and try to keep our yard pretty clean, but she has been known to like it fresh and will nibble as it’s still coming out another dog. Yes, it’s true. Sorry I had to tell you this but I figured you should know. All-in-all there are worse things in life, hopefully she outgrows this soon.

Everybody who meets her loves her, my coworkers are sad to see her go! I’m a little upset and hurt that they don’t love my dog the same way to tell the truth!

Enjoy her, she's grown into a great little dog.


Hobbes Dogs said...

Congrats to Foxy, her new family, and you.

Thanks for sharing a bit about her. I loved that little girl, and am very glad to hear that she's still doing well.

K9-CRAZY said...

Fable, Foxy's sister, disqualified very soon after her recall.

How did the other littermates do at your end Sam?

Hobbes Dogs said...

I'm not sure about the other girls ... but Helix and Huxley both graduated CVC recently.