Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer '09 in Ontario

It's been a wet one! We managed to get out camping for a few days, and while it wasn't warm, at least it didn't rain!

Bullet helping Kevin drive on one of the rare occasions we don't have the dogs in their crates:

We basked in the intermittent sunlight:

We played ball:

And when I forgot the ball a piece of driftwood did just fine!

The race is on...

Why go around when you can go over?

I'm very thankful to live in an area where I can let my dogs swim without the danger of sharks or alligators. The most I worry about is a snapping turtle.

Rockpoint provincial park has the best dog beach of any of the provincial parks we've visited so far. The footing was full of crushed shells but there wasn't the danger of a broken leg as there is at McGregor Point Provincial Park, Killbear Provincial Park or Sibbald Point Provincial Park.

Here is the dog beach at McGregor Point to compare:

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