Thursday, August 20, 2009


Soon after I got Rufus I noticed his belly felt odd. There was a mass in there that wasn't quite right. He wasn't just a pot-bellied puppy, it felt like something more. He had diarrhea all the time so I was hoping it was just a bad case of worms and with some meds he'd be ok.

Turns out he had giardia, but the mass was not related to that. Two vets felt his abdomen and both agreed that they needed to do some tests.

They started with x-rays. These were then sent to a specialist for further diagnosis. An ultrasound was done next to help nail down exactly what was wrong with him.

Here is his belly after that experience:

Turned out Rufus had hydronephrosis – a blockage had damaged his kidney. That is what we could feel. It had to be removed.

On August the 10th he had the damaged kidney removed. His body had already been relying on his other kidney.

Here is his incision when we picked him up a day after his surgery:

His incision a week later, it still looks pretty, um, nasty:

He's been really good about his forced rest, but I'm sure he'll be very thankful when he can run around and play again. I know I will be!

"Are you done taking pictures of my belly yet?!"

Rufus will now be placed in a pet home where he'll hopefully have a long and healthy life.

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Coreena and Eva said...

Oh I'm so sorry about that! Kidney problems are tough, seems a lot of blogging puppies are having problems with their kidneys right now! Have a happy life as a pet, Rufus! Our most recent puppy was career changed for "bad kidneys" but has zero function of her kidneys. She won't live a full life, but hopefully with the one Rufus will do great!