Thursday, June 04, 2009

What does abuse look like?

This 5 year old St. Bernard.

You should have seen her Labrador.

The woman was so proud of their weights, feeding them huge cookies in front of admiring crowds. She was boasting about how her St. Bernard had reached the point where the vet's scale could no longer weigh him. Meanwhile the dog was wheezing at her feet because he had just walked across the building. As soon as she stopped he immediately dropped to the ground. His poor body!

The woman was blind to the fact that she's killing her dogs with kindness. What does her vet say?

It is our responsibility to keep our dogs fit in both body and mind. We are in charge of their diet and exercise. Dogs suffer from the same health problems linked to weight as we do... Their joints, bones and ligaments suffer, they can develop diabetes, their organs and cardiovascular system is compromised, their blood pressure goes up, etc.

There are health problems that cause weight gain, if you are concerned about your animal please visit your vet for a check-up and a blood test.

Dogs have too few years on this earth as it is, why decrease their lifespan even more by allowing them to get overweight?

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Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Wow, that is just so so sad. Poor guy.