Saturday, March 07, 2009

The fifth season

Most people recognize four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

Dog people recognize a fifth.
Mud season.

Here to demonstrate is Enzo, with a fresh snowfall over a less-than-frozen ground as his backdrop. Connor is just as dirty but the mud is camouflaged in his dark coat.


In contrast, here is a clean Enzo playing with Bullet.

Much nicer. Now that is a dog I can take out in public!


Christine said...

I think I would cry if Mya came in that dirty! Does he get a bath every day?

Anonymous said...

I love it! Does that happen often? I can ask that since I live in the desert. ;-))

K9-CRAZY said...

Every year it's the same...

I plant grass seeds for the spring.

We nurture the little grass babies and partition off the yard from the dogs.

The grass grows healthy and strong!

...That is until a hot summer comes with a water ban that kills my grass just in time for fall and winter.

Come spring it's once again a muddy mess.

I'm now looking for a hearty green weed that will live through anything, does anyone have crab grass they would like to donate?