Sunday, February 15, 2009

To all you breeders.

If you are contacted by a shelter or rescue group about a dog you bred, it is your responsibility to go get the dog.

"I really want to get him, but can't because I just don't have the room right now" doesn't cut it Marek Kozak of Wasaga Beach, and all of you other breeders who like to use that excuse.

If you have the room to breed and sell Giant Schnauzer puppies for (I'm assuming) the going rate of well over a thousand dollars each, you can find the space to take back one animal. If you are getting many of your dogs returned maybe it's time to look at your screening process and/or your entire breeding program.

Out of sight, out of mind I guess?

After all, it's easier to let someone else clean up after your messes. Let others provide retraining, medical care, food, love and a home to an animal you alone are responsible for bringing into the world. Unfortunately for some of your dogs, they may not be lucky enough to find such a person... their end may be by blue juice, given by some innocent animal lover. You may not be there when it happens, but it may as well be your hand administering the injection.

Ever heard of Karma?


manymuddypaws said...

i agree 110%. nothing pisses me off more frankly...

Treknschmidt said...

I could not have said that better myself. WELL DONE