Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slapstick comedian

Kevin was sitting on our stairs petting Glory. Enzo noticed and came up to join her for some attention. At first he sat on a stair in front of Kevin, but then thought he'd like a belly rub. So he flipped himself over onto his back and Kevin watched in amazement as he slid, butt first, all the way down to the main floor. Once there he got up, shook himself off and came back up to Kevin.

I've never been able to say the word "poodle" without putting the word "stupid" before it, if only silently. So when Kevin and I had Enzo out in public and a woman muttered "stupid poodle" as she walked by, I had to laugh. I fully understand!

And why anyone would want to mix a poodle with anything is beyond me. Enzo is 3/4 Poodle, 1/4 Golden Retriever, what many call a "Golden Doodle" but I refuse. With friends I call him a "Goodle", in public a poodle/golden cross.

His coat doesn't shed but it is a sponge, soaking up every bit of moisture and mud until it can be transferred into your clothing, carpet or furniture. When they are shaved there is little maintenance, but as soon as the coat gets longer (which doesn't take long) the daily brushings start or you'll end up with one big matted mess. Ugh. It's a lot of work if you groom them yourself, and if you pay to have it done it will get expensive.

After saying this I want to stress that I do like Enzo, he's our in-house slapstick comedian who has endeared himself to many who have met him.


Jules said...

you've worked with been labs? I know there have been two Labs while I have been reading your blog. Is this the trend or just happenstance?

K9-CRAZY said...

Dog Guides works mainly with Labs, some Goldens and some Poodles for their Canine Vision, Special Skills and Epilepsy Programs. They also use smaller breeds like Border Terriers and Mini Poodles for Hearing Ear dogs.

NSD is crossing Labs and Goldens, as well as using the purebreds. They have found this mix to work well for them. Enzo is the only Poodle/Golden cross they have right now, he was donated.

Chris said...

Just wondering what species the other "dawg" in the photo is?

ba hahahahahah

Harry Bishop said...

I'm not sure anything would startle him, I can imagine him picking himself up after sliding down a flight of stairs, like nothing out of the ordinary happened - if he was a cartoon hero he'd be called "super valium dog"! :-)