Tuesday, February 17, 2009

... and Connor makes four.

My personal limit is three dogs, two of my own and one foster, but occasionally a situation arises where I'll take another foster. Enzo is 14 months old and could be recalled at anytime for his final training so that helped make my decision.

Kevin and I sprung a 17 month old Giant from Toronto Animal Services on Sunday. He was described as "dominant" and "hard to read". They weren't willing to put him in general adoption because they didn't feel they could properly screen for the right home.

We'll be keeping him for a while to see what makes him tick as we put some training on him. When we feel he's ready we'll be looking for an appropriate home. So far he's settling in very nicely.

Right now he's sporting a shelter crew cut, once his coat has grown in he'll be a very striking boy!

Here are a few pictures of Connor and his new bestest friend in the entire world, Enzo. Enzo is ecstatic he finally has a dog to play with, my two tend to ignore him.

I truly believe in the power of the pack. Having a strong, stable crew makes the transition of a new dog easier, as well as providing a healthy outlet for some extra energy. They learn a lot from each other. I can't imagine ever being a single dog family again.

What the... HEY, let go of my tail!

And my ear...

Don't mess with a poodle, they could explode...

Connor's so happy!


Harry Bishop said...

What happened to "Valium dog" Enzo, he's actually active! :-)


Jules said...

I LOVE the exploding Enzo picture! Good luck with th enew boy.

aussiedawgies said...

Hahahahaha...four dogs....hahahahaha....I told you never to say never...hahahahaha....

Christine said...

I love the one with Enzo's tail!
Is Connor about the same size as Bullet?