Tuesday, February 17, 2009

... and Connor makes four.

My personal limit is three dogs, two of my own and one foster, but occasionally a situation arises where I'll take another foster. Enzo is 14 months old and could be recalled at anytime for his final training so that helped make my decision.

Kevin and I sprung a 17 month old Giant from Toronto Animal Services on Sunday. He was described as "dominant" and "hard to read". They weren't willing to put him in general adoption because they didn't feel they could properly screen for the right home.

We'll be keeping him for a while to see what makes him tick as we put some training on him. When we feel he's ready we'll be looking for an appropriate home. So far he's settling in very nicely.

Right now he's sporting a shelter crew cut, once his coat has grown in he'll be a very striking boy!

Here are a few pictures of Connor and his new bestest friend in the entire world, Enzo. Enzo is ecstatic he finally has a dog to play with, my two tend to ignore him.

I truly believe in the power of the pack. Having a strong, stable crew makes the transition of a new dog easier, as well as providing a healthy outlet for some extra energy. They learn a lot from each other. I can't imagine ever being a single dog family again.

What the... HEY, let go of my tail!

And my ear...

Don't mess with a poodle, they could explode...

Connor's so happy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

To all you breeders.

If you are contacted by a shelter or rescue group about a dog you bred, it is your responsibility to go get the dog.

"I really want to get him, but can't because I just don't have the room right now" doesn't cut it Marek Kozak of Wasaga Beach, and all of you other breeders who like to use that excuse.

If you have the room to breed and sell Giant Schnauzer puppies for (I'm assuming) the going rate of well over a thousand dollars each, you can find the space to take back one animal. If you are getting many of your dogs returned maybe it's time to look at your screening process and/or your entire breeding program.

Out of sight, out of mind I guess?

After all, it's easier to let someone else clean up after your messes. Let others provide retraining, medical care, food, love and a home to an animal you alone are responsible for bringing into the world. Unfortunately for some of your dogs, they may not be lucky enough to find such a person... their end may be by blue juice, given by some innocent animal lover. You may not be there when it happens, but it may as well be your hand administering the injection.

Ever heard of Karma?

Monday, February 09, 2009

A different kind of training.

My niece is way to interested in Barbie, princesses and Hannah Montana for my liking. I'm doing my best to instill in her a love of all animals, but especially dogs. Her mother is afraid of dogs and generally doesn't like them which doesn't help.

I bring a dog with me when I visit, be it a foster or one of my own.

On the weekend Kevin and I took her to see "Hotel for Dogs"... with Enzo of course!

Every positive experience helps!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slapstick comedian

Kevin was sitting on our stairs petting Glory. Enzo noticed and came up to join her for some attention. At first he sat on a stair in front of Kevin, but then thought he'd like a belly rub. So he flipped himself over onto his back and Kevin watched in amazement as he slid, butt first, all the way down to the main floor. Once there he got up, shook himself off and came back up to Kevin.

I've never been able to say the word "poodle" without putting the word "stupid" before it, if only silently. So when Kevin and I had Enzo out in public and a woman muttered "stupid poodle" as she walked by, I had to laugh. I fully understand!

And why anyone would want to mix a poodle with anything is beyond me. Enzo is 3/4 Poodle, 1/4 Golden Retriever, what many call a "Golden Doodle" but I refuse. With friends I call him a "Goodle", in public a poodle/golden cross.

His coat doesn't shed but it is a sponge, soaking up every bit of moisture and mud until it can be transferred into your clothing, carpet or furniture. When they are shaved there is little maintenance, but as soon as the coat gets longer (which doesn't take long) the daily brushings start or you'll end up with one big matted mess. Ugh. It's a lot of work if you groom them yourself, and if you pay to have it done it will get expensive.

After saying this I want to stress that I do like Enzo, he's our in-house slapstick comedian who has endeared himself to many who have met him.

Monday, February 02, 2009

My favorite Budweiser commercial of the Superbowl


The temperatures were above 0°C this weekend so I took the dogs on a nice long run. They had a blast.

The snow is pretty deep in spots, if they didn't pinpoint exactly where their toy fell into the snow they had to search for it by scent. Bullet doesn't give up until he finds it.

The beauty shot of them standing still.