Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Living life at full speed...

...results in injuries.

Bullet and Glory searching for a toy that I buried in the snow.

Yesterday's walk was a prime example. Not only did I get blisters from my winter boots but Glory tore a chunk out of her pad from flying through the forest.

My first clue to this was the blood splatters she left with each step.

Then my dear Bullet ran all out straight into a wire fence. Ouch! He didn't even yelp as his body sprang back from the impact. I was afraid he'd really hurt himself (fearing especially for his eyes) but it looks like a mere flesh wound that should heal quickly.

He's the dog with a black eye.


Jules said...

Ouch!! I hope you and the dogs heal quickly. By the way I found a youtuve video of the doggie nail file and posted it on my blog.

Christine said...

Something tells me it won't slow them down a bit! lol

Katrin said...

Oh goodness. They sound like my Niche. Full speed ahead, 24/7.