Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A lesson in extinction brought to us by the dogs.

A behavior that is rewarded will continue or increase in frequency, if that same behavior is not rewarded it will extinguish (as long as the behavior itself isn't self rewarding).

Here Bullet, Glory and barking Enzo give us a demonstration, in this case the barking is very specific - Enzo is doing his best to entice the Schnauzers to play.

Notice how Enzo is directing all his attention towards Glory? That is because she sometimes gives him the response he wants... Bullet never does.


Gregg Barrow said...

Thanks Tracy.

Natural behavior is amazingly effective isn't it.

Do the schnauzers not allow Enzo to sit at the door with them? Or does he choose not to?

K9-CRAZY said...

Yes, they let him sit at the door. They had just been let outside and Enzo didn't want to come back in!

Anonymous said...

What was the other dogs daoing and was you gidding them

from Crazy65m

K9-CRAZY said...

The two schnauzers wanted to be with me. When I let them outside they do their business, maybe play for a few minutes then wait patiently at the door to be let back inside.

I was hiding behind the curtain taking the video, they didn't know I was there.