Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good things come to those who wait.

When you have multiple dogs you will often have a system when it comes to feeding-time, this is the routine that works in our house.

Bullet is fed the kitchen, Glory to the left of this door and the foster dog (in this case Enzo) on the other side of the room in a crate.

While I'm preparing their dinner I let the dogs outside to play. When I'm ready I place the bowls in their feeding spots and open the door while asking them to sit.

Most often Bullet is released first, then Glory and then Enzo, but if any of them are pushy or have "forgotten" what sit means I wait them out and they are released last. It doesn't happen often.

The Schnauzers are allowed to go straight to their bowls and eat. Enzo must go with me to the crate, sit again and give me some attention before the release. Sometimes I ask for a down. Or I'll move and call him to heel a few times before the release. Training just half a minute before dinnertime is powerful.

This picture was not taken just before dinner, you can tell by the lack of drool pouring off the Schnauzer's beards!

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Paws on the Run said...

We feed foster dogs outside or in a bathroom - they will inevitably eat slower than my girls. My girls run to their spots and sit and wait until I tell them OK.